imgShijiazhuang Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd.produce a variety of chemical products, the main productsPhosphorus Pentachloride (PCL5)、High-purity Phosphorus Pentachloride Made through Granulation、High-purity Phosphorus Pentachloride、Medical Analytical Pure Phosphorus Pentachloride、Activated Alumina (desiccant)、Medicinal Adsorption Alumina、Medicine-decoloring Composite Alumina、Anhydrous Magnesium Sulfate、Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate (SDIC)、3A Molecular Sieve、Polyhaxemethylen Guanidine Hydrochloride。Our products are sold throughout the country and exported to Japan, Italy and other countries and regions.

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I produced a variety of chemical products, the main products Phosphorus Pentachloride (PCL5)、High-purity ...

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