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I produced a variety of chemical products, the main products Phosphorus Pentachloride (PCL5)、High-purity ...

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Shijiazhuang Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd. is the pilot plant of Hebei University of Science and Technology for experiments and new products. The company has a floor area of more than 12,000 square meters, modern office plants and production workshops of over 5,000 square meters, a fixed capital and equipment of 8.5 million yuan, and 136 people including 16 technicians. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and experiment of a wide range of chemical products. Its products mainly include phosphorus pentachloride (granulated high-purity phosphorus pentachloride and phosphorus pentachloride for medical purpose), aluminum oxide as a drying agent, adhesive aluminum oxide for medical purpose, anhydrous magnesium sulfate, 3A molecular sieve, Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC), acetaldoxime, and polyhaxemethylen guanidine hydrochloride, etc.

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